Zodiac - Thriller, Interesting, and Perfect Masterpiece

Zodiac(2007), a film by David Fincher explores the exploits of a mass-murderer and serial killer who terrorized San Francisco for around 2 decades. The movie directly adapted from the book Zodiac Unmasked revolves around that time period and problems the police faced. Today, at Life is a Chance, we're gonna put out an entertainment article on Zodiac.

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The movie much like the book is set in the 70's period. The introduction sequence features a couple Darlene and Michael visiting out a cliff on the 4th of July. Shortly after they chat up, a man follows them up in a car and comes back to shoot both of them. But fortunately, Michael escapes the bullet wounds. Thus the movie begins. This is followed by another couple at Berryessa Lake, a cab driver, and so on. The killer leaves mocking letters and ciphers to the press, and the police or directly calling them in moments after the crime.

Robert Graysmith played by Jake Gyllenhaal, a cartoonist at an established newspaper San Francisco Chronicle gets involved in catching up with the killer. He gets helps and favors from a fellow editor and popular guy Paul Avery played by Robert Downey Jr. The SFPD officers Dave Toschi and Bill investigates the cases from the cab driver incident onwards. Shortly after the incidents, the ciphers and the letters are being tested for prints and handwriting analysis. The police then come to a suspect Arthur Leigh Allen, whose history given promises them as the killer. Still, the latter is being bailed out due to a lack of shreds of evidence. Robert Graysmith gets involved in it deeply, by visiting different jurisdictions of stations, reading case files, and links them up back to Allen again, this time a little more clearly. He puts up a book, which given the evidence and arguments proves to the police department to look up to the escaped victim of Zodiac, which confirms Allen was indeed the Zodiac.

Zodiac is a movie that gets everything right and accurate about the incidents. Instead of making filmier, the director stays to the root and brilliantly devises a 70's Fransisco with all its cinematography. The score and the visuals combined with a peculiar performance by the cast are just stunning. David Fincher again finishes the movie on a strong note, after his great movie "The Game". This is another remarkable film and direction which produces a masterpiece of filmmaking.

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Zodiac definitely is a wonderful film, which captures the terror and bold drama the serial killer molded during that period. It features an ambitious take on real incidents filled with a good color-grading and editing. This is an unmissable crime thriller movie and is a surefire suspense drama. Dont miss it.

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