Wonder Woman 1984 - Excruciating, long, and Unmemorable

Updated: Jan 19

Wonder Woman 1984, the second outing of Princess Diana after the events of the first film is both dull and great. Today at Life is a Chance, we put up another entertainment article on Wonder Woman 1984.

Wonder Woman 1984 puts up a bright intro scene featuring a young Diana taking part in some classic ultra-athletic competition along with other Amazonian warriors. After the events of the first movie, Diana retires to an anthropology work. But, she also works part-time as Wonder Woman, much to people's eyes. We are also introduced to Barbara, an introverted socially awkward lady, who made into the same firm as Diana as a gemologist. After a bank heist failure, Dr. Barbara is met up with an ancient artifact called Dreamstone.

We also come across Mr. Maxwell Lord, a charismatic business-head at Black Gold, an oil company. His failure in the recent oil-wells being depleting pushes him to acquire the artifact. Before this would anyhow happen, the Stone had already been used by Barbara to get powers like Diana, and Diana to get back Steve. The supposed artifact is being used by Max Lord to inculcate into himself, leading to a series of consequences. The rest of the movie forwards the fight Diana puts forward against Max Lord and Cheetah(Barbara).

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Although the premise of Wonder Woman is just amazing, it fails to actually use it. The first half is a drag, considering the way things move. The film captures the 80's world beautifully. But it substantially fails to utilize characters like Cheetah, a real wasted opportunity. It also feels a little cliche sometimes, as Diana swings with the Lasso like Spiderman moving around New York. Gal Gadot suffers here, yet Chris Pine(Steve) somehow feels nostalgic. Barbara by Kristen Wiig was absolutely stunning and less conflicting rather than her alter-ego Cheetah. Pedro Pascal as Max Lord shines through and manages to put on a great show. This film severely damages the charm which Wonder Woman(2017) pulled off. Patty Jenkins alone couldn't save the film. Hans Zimmer's music is a stupendous movie-saver, with the screenplay significantly damaged.

Overall, it's a nice holiday superhero movie. You shouldn't expect too much, as it fails enough. For DC fans, surely Diana and Steve put up a great show, while the movie fails Cheetah. Watch at your own risk.

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