Why Red Dead Redemption 2 is a genuine Masterpiece

Updated: Mar 6

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an action-flick western-inspired prequel, which continues the journey of the previous game Red Dead Redemption. This game presented by the beautiful Rockstar games doesn't shy away from sheer brilliance and austere quality. Today at Life is a Chance, we're gonna put out the review of this game.


The story of Red Dead Redemption starts straight from the failed plan of the Dutch gang at Blackwater. Those who are aware of the previous game Red Dead Redemption might be familiar with the character John Marston. The second installment tries to broaden the core story which set out before the events of the first game. The player is being given control of Arthur Morgan, an outlaw, also a member of the Dutch Van der Linde gang. The gang's failed score at Blackwater forces them to escape the law(Pinkertons), called in by Cornwall. The gang then plans several heist jobs, always bickering at places like Valentine, and then Lemoyne. In Lemoyne, they fight over two families Grays and Braithwaites too. This becomes tense when Grays kill Sean, a member of the gang and Braithwaites take Jack, son of John away. The gang moves over to Saint-Denis for his rescue. The events at Saint-Denis force the gang to jump up the boat, which hurriedly leaves them at Guarma Island.

After a fair share of survival there, the gang lands up at their former residence. They discuss their plan to rob off a bank, which causes heavy casualties. Dutch, the leader of the gang promises one last heist but fails to live up to one. He constantly relives revenge, hatred, and pushes many members to the edge. Arthur sees the change in Dutch and takes up to himself to save the rest of the members. He saves John from the prison, fulfills Sadie's blood business, aides Native Indians, and encourages other folks at the gang to leave at the very best. The gang screw up the Indians and the Army problem, which leaves them to rob the Army train.

During the heist, Abigail, the wife of John, is taken by Pinkertons. Arthur goes in for the rescue and finds out that Micah was the rat. He finds his way back to the gang and informs them only to find them all turned away. During their tense standoff, the Pinkertons attack. During the attack, Arthur caught with tuberculosis, saves John, and fights off with Micah. He dies succumbing to his injury, even making Dutch leave Micah. After these events, John sets up a new identity, buys a ranch, aids Sadie, Uncle, and Charles. He also marries Abigail and lives peacefully with Jack. But he also finishes the last job of hunting and killing Micah, who is shot by the Dutch too. After the revenge business, we see Edgar Ross, a character from the first game overseeing John and his ranch.

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Red Dead Redemption is not sorely successful due to its story only. The biggest success is the character and protagonist of the game Arthur Morgan. Arthur Morgan is an outlaw, gunslinger, criminal, bounty hunter, but most importantly he is a kind, understanding person. He leaves his love of life Mary Linton. He joins Dutch's gang and never falters to do the most dangerous thing for him. He takes off the gang members, helps strangers, and is a sympathetic person. Although his character really climbs up at the very end, the character Arthur receives is worth every frame of your gameplay experience. You drown into his world, and really get the complete perspective of his journey. Arthur Morgan's tragic death and the ending get him the precious title of an evergreen fan-favorite character of the gaming industry.


People familiar with GTA-V will be experienced with the mechanics with only the slight addition of Dead Eye skill. The gameplay is fantastic, with the mobility of different rifles, shotguns, repeater, and revolvers. The gameplay introduces a fine start to the interaction between the player and each and every NPC of the open world. Sometimes, the players are given a choice to help them or not. The mechanics' system is subtly introduced at the first O'Driscoll shootout mission. Also, the gameplay satisfies primarily with its realistic experience. The open world is truly rich and powerful, with amazing cinematography-sense too.

The setting too is of prime importance. The game fairly gives a stupendous gaze at the Wild West time of America. It also makes sure the open-world keeps up to the fine world experience. The outlaws period and the dangerous cliffs with snowy patches too are amazing. Red Dead Redemption 2 significantly improves the quality and texture from the last time, as it brings a glory of character and story to its peak.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 sets new standards for the gaming industry with its rich storyline and character arcs. The game excels in graphics to even the smallest details in the open world. Even for a newbie, who is not aware of the events of the first game is helpful. Being in development for over 7 years after Red Dead Redemption's release in 2010, this game deserves the respect and magic it has apprehended. Truly, one of the most complex characters like Dutch, and Sadie are introduced. With their everlasting impact, and good gameplay this game wins and is really worth every one of your time and penny. Also don't miss out on Red Dead Online.