Why How to Do is not good?

Updated: Mar 6

Today, we live in the millennial era where everybody is doing or making every other thing. It's a world nothing is limited to one person only. Internet, smartphones, and other tech innovations have run up everything. People are in a race with themselves on why he/she is the best. This cycle of showing-off, in the end, makes us forget ourselves and feel depressed.

For example, you search if you’ve any doubt regarding, or have to do something which is out of your scope, what’ll you do?

We all will go to Google Search and hit the search or in the YouTube videos, we find our sole support. This leads to an unmotivated mindset, always looking for a fast solution beforehand. The problem with this mindset, when again we face or see some situation, we lack the experience or the handiness to deal with it. Instead, we look for the easiest way, that putting up your ass over somewhere and hitting the button. For every question out there in life, there is no tutorial, or 'how to do it’ stuff available.

So how to overcome this mindset? It's very simple. Try one step each day. It sounds alt-right very common, and philosophical. But the fact, that experience always beats talent cannot be blinded. We see it every day, we become incompetent and as a result, when faced with a real problem, we succumb to depression. Once Mr. D attacks, we’re all in an endless loop, where we’ve to go through the same spiral over and over until the reality check comes out.

Procrastination, unproductive lifestyle all molds up from this lazy attitude to everything. It takes time to prepare for a battle, and then we summon the troops and make the war. Likewise, it takes skill, dedication, and work to holder up something, and make it count. It should be not that when you’re faced with anything, you go bump into your device. Try it out yourself, and make every damn second count. For once in your life, just do it.

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