Why Depression is Common Nowadays?

Updated: Mar 6

Depression is the new word of the decade as time goes afar. Depression opens really in all sorts of uneven ways and puts the individual into the mental question of his problems and its odds. Today, at Life is a Chance, we're gonna talk about a common disease spreading called Depression.

Depression has got a long way of history, which has got no significance here. From a modern-day perspective, every individual in his/her life has experienced this bizarre state of mind. Depression tickles the individual into a complete non-useful being, tired and lazy, due to the burden he/she carries. We often associate ourselves in this state, when tough times beat up. Life puts us on a harder path, and we often judge or carry it out differently.

Well, let's push to the reasons for depression and other problems related to it.


Death of a loved one

When loved ones depart all of a sudden, we are left in shock. Many people associate this incident as their initial indication of the depressive episodes. Death is an inevitable part, which nobody could cheat by. This pushes the individual apart and gives a series of those happy memories they so direly wait for.

Continous routine and Boredom

Modern lifestyle has made it difficult for people to even snatch a breath. Most people in the workforce are put up by the same routine and continuos work schedules. This steals them off the freedom of doing some quality work within themselves. Boredom crawls in and the last we see is the word depression rooting out. Our fixed lifestyle, routine, and time-tables which never run out of sync cause boredom. This boredom pressures us to find a reason to push ourselves apart and drives us mad.

In most cases, people quit their jobs to find some solitude and peace within themselves which could indicate the seriousness of this disease.

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Disruptive changes in Relationships and Friendships

Another reason for depression to creep in is the thing called relations. We make friends, enemies, acquaintances, strangers, etc. but fail to understand what each one stands for. A major rift in friendship, breakup from a loved one, fight with a family member, loss of connections in the workplace all generate enough strains. These issues and problems surface, and push the individual out, who then turn over to depression and loss in self-worth.

Other than these three major ones, illegal drug intake, childhood trauma, or any other terrible experience could result in the depression problem to take over.


Perhaps, the best resource to begin with your recovery is your family. Other than them, nobody else would actually give a damn thing about you. Asking out for help is not an embarrassing step, it is a brave action. People often think holding up their emotions would allow better survival and judgment from the society. So, ask for help in your family, or your friends.

Talk to a professional here.

If the above conditions couldn't help you out, talk to a professional. Mental health is of prime importance nowadays and is given proper clinical approach and standards of procedure. A mental-health expert or professional could help you out. Sessions where you could open up about your past and the strife related to that could be discussed. You might have heard about the famous Netflix series "13 Reasons Why", where teenagers are being normal to multiple mental diseases. The show also advocates the help of family, friends, and professionals.

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A normal person could easily come into this stressful condition given the reasons as discussed above. So, in order to fight it, bring upon a smile and laugh. We should always be grateful to ourselves for not giving up. After all how much could it get worse?

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