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Watchmen is an HBO TV series based on comics of the same name from DC. Although it had got a cinematic make years ago, this fresh outtake on the comic is both endeavoring and successful. Watchmen talks about the socio-political problems within the grasp of a superhero world of the USA combined with an awesome cast. Today at Life is a Chance, we're gonna take a look at Watchmen.

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Regina King plays the titular role of Sister Night along with Looking Glass and Red Scare are the remaining police officers vigilant enough for the Tulsa force. Their chief dies revealing the eerieness behind his demise. The show doesn't limit itself to the superhero show and heroic abilities of the characters, instead it pushes the racial problems onto the front. It speaks about the Tulsa race massacre of the past, the Vietnam War, and much more.

Watchmen want to show up for the suppression and the unjust racial lines drawn between supremacists. It tries to speak and talk about these issues amidst growing tension between the different groups. But it also maintains that intrigue element with careful structuring of the screenplay and story. The direction feels clear cut and the approach to tell a situation rather than drag a plotline is superb.

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Watchmen is surreal and visually sparking a public outcry onto the racial problems of the modern world. It stays relevant and meddles nicely with the sentimental and radical approach to the issue. The widely acclaimed comic of the same name was critically appreciated, but its modern adaptation stands way better than its cinematic entry. It exploits the current scenario in the most judicious and exciting way. For someone who loves deep slow-burn type of shows, this is a must.

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