The Social Network - A Teenage Review

The Social Network(2010) was a new-approach taken By David Fincher, shifting completely to biopic mood and unraveling a favorite story and origin of Facebook. David Fincher took the movie with a non-biopic style, turning it into a focused flair of quality and story. The screenplay and adaptation work fine, with Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield providing a great piece of acting. So, today at Life is a Chance, let us forward ourselves into the movie review of this one.

Mark Zuckerberg's life story is aptly described by this film but finds its storytelling working magic here. The cinematic movie pulls out many characters,  some fictional and the cast is awesome. Jesse Eisenberg shines in this outing as Mark, and nails down. We get a closer look at the start of Facebook from a Harvard prank. The story paces and achieves its breakpoint, a tense situation which drives the plot from the beginning. The break-in of the friendship between Mark and Eduardo is remarkably presented. The journey and the excitement starts from then and there.  Technically, Mark edges over Saverin, due to his coding skills. But Eduardo is all money-wheels for the duo project of theirs.

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The tension between Mark and Saverin is the core of the movie, and Fincher teases their court drama as a nightmare for Mark. Meanwhile, we get a setup of Facebook at a global level with the introduction of Sean Parker, played by Justin Timberlake. The Facebook became "Facebook" due to his suggestion, and Mark is extremely attentive and keen on his ideas and interests. With the best interest of himself, and due to the fading presence of Saverin, Mark plots and moves onto a strategy, and the rest is explored in the movie. This isn't the typical biographical style, here the tension and actual moments are shown from a common perspective. The viewer will himself find displeasure about the Saverin condition here.

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On a final note, The Social Network is the success story of Facebook and largely deals with the dilemma of shareholders' interests. It is a great watch for the powerful performances from Jesse and Andrew, and the adaptation. Don't miss the start of tech-giant, and how the walls are built up from there.

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