The Social Dilemma - A Teenage Review

The Netflix-produced documentary "The Social Dilemma" discusses the problems and effects the social networking sites indirectly put on human beings. Being ironic enough that it released on Netflix, and had a huge buzz around social media itself, we should discuss it. So, today we delve into a review of The Social Dilemma here at Life is a Chance.

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The Social Dilemma primarily accuses the IT Giants of exploiting the user data. It presents a mirror of ourselves into a social obsession of the decade. The show presents itself in the classic documentary style coupled with a narrative of a character called Ben and his family. The show puts light on the critical issue risen on the surface due to uncertain measures the tech giants take in as for profit. The show presents a handful of engineers and researchers from these IT field itself and universities for the support.

Our social media culture and the effects are starkly shown in this show. But the real problem is the Business Model which Tech giants take on for personal or corporate gain which might not benefit the public. To the Tech giants, the customers could also be the products for some other customers. This deters the human-material border and crosses it, and blurs the difference. Polarization and division in the society are ignited due to the recommendation systems, and like people, we want to keep as our network. The Social Dilemma's purpose was clear and astute, while it fails to mention the real problem. Capitalism and the selfish gains of some people create these indecent attacks on humanity in an invisible state. We are not directly attacked, or threatened but are used as a source of capital by these companies.

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The Social Dilemma is a must-watch for this generation who clearly are affected by this. We never see the backside of a coin after the toss, and that's the same situation here. There is a clear awareness, and mature sensible content worthy of your attention. This is a critical hit at our system and wrongs about it.

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