The Pianist - Depressing, Moving pain of an Artist.

The Pianist(2002) is a film describing the effects of Hitler's Antisemitic culture on the Polish Jewish masses. It stars Adrien Brody as the titular character of Szpilman, a real Polish musician. Today at Life is a Chance, we're gonna review The Pianist.

Roman Polanski's The Pianist is a subtle film, slow and deliberately sorrowful. The premise of the film is set in the first scene itself, where a Jewish family is tormented by the news of resettlements. Amidst this chaos, Jewish pianist Szpilman and his siblings try their best to keep the family afloat. With their daily income decreasing, and the resettlement time waging in, the nature and background of this motion drama are set to clear.

But the film explores deeply the affection and bonding the family has with each other. A desperate father looking for a job, and a caring mother, a revolutionary brother, a dutiful elder sister who is a lawyer, and another calm and innocent sister. Szpilman plays the piano at coffee shops, and hotels and is even approached by the Jewish police force for recruitment, but declines. The movie then goes depressing to even a valid point, where he loses his entire family, who is transported using the wagons. Polanski's accurate or beyond stylistic take on that era is so moving tragic that it is too hard to watch.

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Beautiful cinematography that easily captures the essence of Nazi-ruled Poland, and the blink of extinction the Jews faced is so powerfully portrayed. Adrien Brody is absolutely amazing at his acting whereby you can feel the literal pain his character faces. The helplessness, loneliness, hunger, and affection that this character goes through is very traumatic and moving. The score of this film is also beyond words, it easily conveys the loss of everything, with nothing to look at.

The Pianist is a drama that is a great expression of the suffering the Jews went through and is an artist's journey from War to the Podium. It is a biographical film but hardly seems to rest on its sad setting and tragedy.

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