The Philosophy of Death

Ever wondered about death, and how it could creep the hell out of you? Yes or no, both could suffice our ideas of this never-changing state of life. Today at Life is Chance, we're gonna discuss Death and its philosophy.

The concept of death has a never-ending philosophy to it. Most of us ignore the thought of this word "Death", yet we are somehow so provoked and instigated by the fact. Philosophers and non-philosophers argue from the same idea of emptiness. Death provides a diverse definition of this beautiful and wonderful life. But what after that, and are we really no more after this stage?

Greek philosophers like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle too came across this subject. They described it as a "State of dreamless sleep, from which one could never wake up". German philosopher Heidegger argued and states in his book that, death is an individual part of every being in the universe, and is unique to everyone. Nobody can die in others' way, everybody goes through this one separately in uniqueness. Many modern thinkers argue that death is just a door to another life. Popular religious beliefs claim resurrection as the final epilogue to life. Hinduism, Buddhism proposes a re-incarnation process of births. The definition and idea of death are starkly different and varied for many people.

For superhero lovers, we see how death is being defined and took on by a lot of our beloved heroes. The Dark Knight Rises majorly discuss in a vague manner. Bruce is faced with this idea of fear of death. We see how he objectively declares his fearless attitude towards death. There the old man advises him to take up fear of death. This releases his confusion and takes him to another level of confidence.

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Decades will pass, but this journey and anonymity of death will remain inevitable. The way I think, death is just a state of dream, where in actuality we wake up, and continue with that life. This endless loop circulates and functions throughout which never ends. And we have no idea what happened in the previous life, just like our dreams.

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