The National Comedy

The world as of now is battling a serious pandemic COVID-19, who supposedly is making big-time bonuses by traveling all around. But it has given an opportunity to homies to do some extra-terrestrial activities and i.e. comedy. Comedy is indefinite and this has reached a stage of absolute nonsense and entertainment, which gradually is swallowing the whole country.

I remember a time when either Dr. Manmohan Singh or Arun Jaitley would address the economic situation with some decent economy-related facts and information. Today we have our Finance Minister calling it an "Act of God". This is just a picture of the comedy of our dear ministers and elected officials.

On the other hand, we have a very funny opposition who never actually comes to the situation rather than politicizing things. Recently Narendra Modi had a turbine-oxygen theory discussion with an expert, which was completely impractical and blunder. But most people would not see this lack of facts and information, rather they'll start to make memes and trolls. Our national issues are not even discussed, and given importance because everything is a joke.

Cases like Hathras-rape occur, and things are still in the shadow. Women's safety is endangered, and the ruling people won't give a reasonable answer rather than quoting "conspiracy". Everything from the economy to a social issue like women's empowerment is a big dumb joke to everybody. Leave the rape case, there are dozens of people who misbehave to girls and women on the online platform too. The wrong image of indecent and obscene movies and the rural orthodox rules make it necessary for some vile people to eve-tease women. And still, it is a joke, meme, or troll for thousands of others.

Even silly things like celebrity breakups, patch-ups, birthday parties, etc. are national news. In a space like this of COVID-19, how many daily-wage workers do earn? How do slum-people or poor people try to stay alive? How the farmers have reacted to the recent bills, and how the country is reacting to a lot of different issues? Any of these hot topics or issues are not spoken but sidelined. We give importance to what celebrities, politicians eat, wear, do in their free time, but not even a single dime to West Bengal floods, or any other issue concerning utmost attention.

The comedy business and jokes have risen to a new level, that even normal people find it funny. National issues like this, or environmental issues, international issues affecting the country is all a joke right now. Social media does have a trend to make memes, trolls on any momentary excitement. Our dig for research or to listen to actual news is decreasing. Recently Dhoni got rape threats on his daughter, and that is a stark overview of today's mentality and failure of opening eyes. We make a joke of everything, we appreciate the creativity of memers and trollers, but fail to listen to reason. We easily get swayed at the newest product launch by our favorite celebrity, never caring how dangerous or completely lying it is.

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We live in a country, society, a world where things are easily buttered off by Zoom meeting, or UN conference, etc. and we never get a solution. We never find an answer, and move on slowly making this so-called earth an unhabitable place for our generations. Our blind focus on color, religion, caste, sex, money, fame, and power is ruining not only cultures but basic fundamentals of the society. I hope at least after reading this, you may speak-up on issues with little more seriousness and factual knowledge rather than posting some weird memes, reasoning a little out of your orthodox beliefs could be worth-it. Give it a try, and make the world a better place.

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