The Monsterverse

2014 is remembered to reboot and bring back the Titan and much revered Godzilla to the big screen. WB and Legendary Pictures presented a take on the Monsterverse. Before moving onto the latest flick, let us see the predecessors. Today at Life is a Chance, we're gonna take a look at the Monsterverse.

The 2014 flick did some things great especially with the on-screen presentation of the beast. Godzilla or Gojira as called by Dr. Serizawa makes an appearance after remaining sleepy for years when the MUTO's spark off. This movie also has a parallel human story about a soldier's family and how everything is pulled off. The CGI got improved and the massive lizard got a lot more intensity and power as one can see it. Godzilla(2014) successfully sets up the rebooted Monster Universe.

Watch it here.

Kong: Skull Island(2017) just blew things out of the box. It was the comeback of one of the favorite titans Kong. Kong was humongous and gritty. A group of scientists and military groups set out to research the Island. But they were invasive and angered the horrific ape. Kong smashes most of the crew and battles some deadly beasts too. He manages to defeat the biggest Skull crawler at the end. Kong: Skull Island focuses on another Titan and was a perfect film to succeed in the Monsterverse.

Watch it here.

Godzilla: King of Monsters(2019) was a welcome note to the big lizard after its show in 2014. This time the dude faces a lot more enemies. Alan Jonah, an ecoterrorist teams up with Mrs. Russell and wakes up with King Ghidorah( three-headed lizard). Rodan and Mothra face-off and sacrifices to re-energize Godzilla to fight with Ghidorah. Godzilla wins the battle successfully and all the rest of the Titans bow before him.

Watch it here.

The Monsterverse is going in a new direction with its latest release of Godzilla vs Kong. The movie is speculated to resurrect the dead Box Office. With the epic battle between the giant Titans, the viewers will be expecting some good CGI fights like once Deadpool teases. The story is minimal and the pace is too slow in these movies. The human interactions and their story are not too intensive enough to even consider. In the end, it's the showoff between some monsters and their WWE fights. But nevertheless, who doesn't love a good action packed movie filled with mythical and beasty creatures. Therefore, for that sake do stream these three movies.

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