The Game - Trivial, Exciting, and Dangerous

The Game(1997) was a directorial venture by David Fincher after his much-acclaimed film Se7en. The movie with its brilliant idea and compatible casting proves to be a great watch. Today at Life is a Chance, let us review this masterpiece.

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The Game sets up in a modern-day dark environment where everything is a little spooky and color-graded, a tone which was adopted in Se7en too. Michael Douglas plays the character of a rich investment banker Nicholas Van Orton, who is vain, unsociable, and makes for a compelling typical banker. His childhood is somehow surrounded by his father committing suicide out of the blues. Nicholas is being called on his 48th birthday by his brother Conrad for a meet. Nick, who is divorced leads a distant life meets up with his younger brother, who discusses recreation services that he should try on.

Reluctant Nick tries the CRS, which takes many of his psychology and other tests to figure out his personality and character. They make a specific game for his type, as the film suggests. Relentless and doubtful of the behind-the-scenes of the CRS, Nick gives in. This is followed by a cat and mouse, a trickster game that is clueless, and suspicious from start to end. This intriguing game follows many setbacks for Nick, ending up on a mentally frail note. Panicked and confused Nick ends up his the same note as his father. We don't wanna spoil the ending and the fun of this movie as it deserves some damn respect.

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The Game tries something new, and idealistic. David Fincher's direction again is the best thing out of this movie. The cinematography is dull, with other elements of the movie necessarily not adding up like the last film. Still, the Game successfully takes many things off the list and puts up a great and grand show.

Surely, an unmissable thriller from David Fincher. Thriller-lovers will obviously find it crazy and a great ride of entertainment. Dont miss out on this one, as it's worth your time.

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