The Fault in our Interests

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Writer: Medha Khetpal

Raise your hands if you’ve ever been judged for your love for the romance genre. When you had to hide your novels with covers featuring a couple, suggestive to even a 10-year-old as to the content it holds, or when casually walking upon a sweet proposal scene on the T.V you had to point out the big number on the sappy scale of one to ten to mask your real emotions and intent(of screaming at the woman to say yes).

It’s really hard for people with love for the genre. Irrespective of the gender, your ways of hiding

your interest from the eyes of the world beats drug addicts in their hoarding and stashing of their

ticket to outer space. Boys with their fear of being seen as soft and bereft of accepted male interest, end up being forced to alter their complete list of books or series, just to be able to assimilate into the talk amongst peers. Their real interest is now locked up somewhere along with the books. Why is it that romance as a theme is supposed to have a huge appeal only amongst girls? Why does the genre often associate with girls, especially teenage girls? I get that rationality is considered intelligent.

People talking about important intelligent stuff are always welcomed and approached. I also get the belief that some people hold with respect to the things displayed in romantic movies or books, with their talk of true love and soulmate, as unrealistic. I totally get it. But suppressing your pull at the expense of taken seriously and blending in with the group renders one unhappy and unfulfilled. Girls are not questioned in their choice of the genre.why? Because it’s perfectly normal to do so. Because it’s “girly” stuff. Because they live in their own world of fairies and princesses. Because it’s completely planned out by society what content to consume and by what gender.

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Dear society, stop assuming beforehand that my favorite movie is a notebook and that romance is the default genre of females. Everybody has their own tastes. I appreciate your endeavor to give a sum up of my personality on the basis of my gender. Thanks but no thanks. If I procured a romance read, I do not want to be put into some box. My inclination towards anything is not for anyone to pass judgment on. Also, I liked "The Fault in our Stars" very much. Just laying it out there.*wink*

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