The Crown - Sophisticated, Fresh and Convincing Monarchy

The Crown featured back in 2016, owing to the fame of the Queen and British monarchy. The Crown provides a cinematic view of Queen Elizabeth II and the inside story of the Royal Family. Today at Life is a Chance, we're going to do a review of The Crown.

The Crown vents through the story of the British Monarchy and starts directly from King George VI's later life and his difficulties. Season 1 focuses heavily on the advent of Elizabeth to the crown and its power shift. The series also has many central characters like Winston Churchill, Prince Philip, Edward VIII, and Princess Margaret. It's heavy concerns over the rise of democratic constitutionalism and its effects on the Crown.

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Season 2 of the show largely continues with the story of Princess Margaret and her delayed marriage. But the show also puts light onto some of the scandals, and Commonwealth crises too. Prince Philip and his relationship with the Queen is explored. Season 2 defines Claire Foy's performance and Matt Smith too. The chemistry between the two is one inescapable moment throughout the first two seasons.

Season 3 introduces the time to jump onto the series. We see the slow aging of things as time progresses. While season 3 is obviously a little dull, but we see a shift from a normal approach to a suffocating way. Season 3's main concern is US relations and the coming of the new King(Prince Charles). Helena Bonham Carter was the only good thing from this season, particularly Olivia Colman's performance as Queen.

For sure Season 4 is the major overhaul, thanks to Princess Diana. Emma Corrin nails this part, along with Joh O'Conner. The show solves the problem they had with the previous one. Season 4 has a dynamic approach introducing Margaret Thatcher too in the middle of the fiddle. There was a surprising welcome to the show, thanks again to the beautiful on-screen relationship between Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

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Netflix has promised another season for this grand show, and we all are definitely all games for it. The Crown is an unmissable grandeur of the Royal Family effectively shown by the show producers. From its background score to outstanding cinematography, one could really imagine the scale of production designs and sets. The casting too is greatly unblemished, with the story arcs and development of some characters, say for the Queen herself. The Crown is a masterpiece in its way of presenting things but lacks the flair somewhere while continuity issues a significant worry. But all considered, it's a great watch for anyone interested in historical flicks and documentary-styled entertainment.

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