The Boys - A Teenage Review

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

The prime original flick "The Boys" has a huge buzz around the internet due to its appreciable plotline and take on the characters. The Boys hit around a year ago, and still, it's the best-adapted comic-series which never failed to live up to its expectations. Today at Life is a Chance we are presenting another Entertainment review on "The Boys".

The Boys is a complete U-turn approach from the normal superheroes genre. It's exceptionally well-written and generally focuses on the plotline without wasting time. The use of dark humor and how it turns out to be is relevant. It discusses the story of an MNC Vought controlling a set of superheroes "The Seven" and their misadventures. The tone of the whole series is set in the starting 15 minutes where A-Train runs over Robin. The story then approaches a great cat & mouse game for the rest of the time. We get a sadistic and never-seen-face of many parody superheroes coupled with normal beings at their best.

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The Boys get the storytelling idea right and make big-time out of that. The show parodies DC characters with Marvel plaster-drama. It criticizes the PR-agendas, white lies, fake-publicity stunts, media frauds, etc. in a big way. The subtle way of their presentation of these things is enough to get appreciation. The Boys manage all the critical acclaim with no A-lister actors and make out big. The poorly received comic version gets unprecedented fame due to its raw form of presentation. The Seven comprises Homelander, Queen Maeve, A-Train, The Deep, Black Noir, Translucent, and Starlight. The Boys comprises of Butcher, Mother's Milk, Frenchie, Hughie, and Kimiko. Their rivalry and back-story is a huge support base for the entire show.

Normally many shows fail to deliver right to the gender-equality issue, this show makes an exception. It discusses the fake-feminism and narrow mindedness too. It also powerfully explains our utmost desire or obsession for superheroes. The Boys make a clean-chit and have a ton of critical arguments to support themselves. The show does a little out-of-world exploration of the R-rated crap by CGI effects and all. The gory, dark, and weird scenes make a pretty bad impression on some viewers. But the R-rated content being the piece everyone wants, sickens me. The gore, grittiness, and brutality could be minimized at least on a small note.

Warning: Strictly out for 18+ viewers, definitely should be out of children's minds.

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We definitely recommend The Boys to all the superhero drama fantasizers. The cinematography is appealing for the background the show wants to confide in. One should not watch it for the mere time-jumps, but for the sensible and critical issues, it discusses discreetly.

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