The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford - Slow Gripping Biography

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford(2007) is a biographical movie featuring Brad Pitt in the role of an iconic outlaw and wild west hero Jesse James. This movie doesn't plot too much on his early days but focuses on the retirement days of Jesse. Today at Life is a Chance, we're gonna review this film.

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Jesse James is an outlaw whose robbing days got over when his elder brother Frank retires from a failed attempt. The gang preferably called 'The James Gang' were infamous for their stagecoach robberies and loots. Jesse eventually also rests with his family but especially calls for Robert Ford, whose brother is a gang member. Robert Ford always teased about for his fan adoration for Jesse, learns and copies things from Jesse.

A major part of the movie explores the relationship Jesse and Robert have with the other gang members. Their eventual consequences and shifting show how much it impacts other people. Jesse gets news of betrayal and hunts down each of the gang members. But Jesse tries to slow himself down when he goes for Robert and his brother Charley. Jesse puts his faith in them but is subsequently killed off from the back. Robert is awarded and puts on a local drama show about the assassination for fame and money, only to later realize that he was a coward. The movie ends with Robert being gunned down by a certain rebel.

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The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford is a celebration of the fan following of a famous outlaw who is often honored as the Robin Hood. The most important factor of this film is its absolutely stunning cinematography. From the train robbery scene to the final act of assassination, each scene is a recognition of the cinematic love it gets. Brad Pitt is so flawless, with Casey Affleck also putting a worthy performance of suppression and forced decisions. The pacing of this movie is something that many will find problematic, as it is too slow. Some of the scenes are too much of a drag. The screenplay works fine, with the direction playing it cool.

This movie is a definite watch for someone who loves cinema and appreciates it. There is no thickening suspense or plot thrill. But what we get are some awesome shots and performances. No doubt, movie-lovers will like this, but for an average viewer, this is not something to binge for.

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