Riverdale - Teenage Dragging Drama

Riverdale, a popular comic series got its ultra-posh getup when CW decided on a TV series on it. A dark take on the original Archie comics has been successful and quite a drag too as we take a seat to review it at Life is a Chance.

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Tbh, Riverdale was superb and brilliant in its infant stage. The first season was so good, the characters were engaging, the story was complicated but moving strongly. Archie Andrews(KJ Apa), Jughead Jones(Cole Sprouse), Betty Cooper(Lili Reinheart), and Veronica Lodge(Camila Mendes) were great core canon characters who kept the shoe together. Their interactions, and mystery solving, all were a deliberate success. From uncovering the murderer of Jason Blossom to the little teeny moments, this season was a huge success.

Season 2 began with a strange note of the infamous Black Hood. He was seriously creepy in his own dramatic style of prank calls and strange appearance. The show also introduced core traditional backgrounds into the characters' lives too. From the Serpent gang to Bulldogs often crossing each other, the show had a momentum pickup. But still, the show lost much of its striking writing from the first season.

Season 3 was the worst, and admittedly the actors too were convinced about that. The story took serious U-turns with the Black Hood, Gargoyle gang, and the epic "Farm". To make things worse, there were newer characters who didn't do any justice to the main narrative, instead tore apart the show's main idea of teenage drama into the whatever-stupid-you-could-come-up-with stage.

Season 4 tried to mend the broken storyline of season 3. After one awful season, things were starting to look fine. With Jughead transferred to Stonewall Prep, and Archie making ends meet to graduate with his friends, the show took concern over its loose threads and unbalanced writing in this new show. Perhaps the Stonewall Secret Groups reminded a little about Gargoyle, the darkness that Riverdale wanted was too much of that secret style of art.

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Riverdale was supposed to be a fun, mystery-riddled teenage high school drama, but tries too much dramatic nonsense and ends up complex and intricately puzzled. One main problem with the show is the length and the number of episodes it has, which honestly drags too much. Considering this with 13 Reasons Why is a sure mismatch. But Riverdale offers some nice cinematography, with some clean and neon-filtered scenes. The conversation between the characters is sometimes too gibberish, and filled with pop culture references with no sense. Since Season 5, the show has shown some improvements in its way, but it can always fall into the pit.

Obviously, a teenage drama like Riverdale shouldn't miss from your watchlist. Moreover, even it tries to be boring at times, we have to pretend it's nothing at least for the main 4 characters. Watch the first season 1 just to get a taste.

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