Once Upon A Time in Hollywood - Flair, Stylish and Cinematic

Quentin Tarantino is one great director who definitely relies heavily on the simplicity of the plot, and how it connects and affects various characters. Today at Life is a Chance, we put over another entertainment article about "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood".

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is an experience-based film. It comes close to an all-time hit "Pulp Fiction". But we still believe it didn't reach quite the feat it wanted. Leonardo DiCaprio puts up a remarkable performance of a movie actor constantly playing as an antagonist. We also peek onto Brad Pitt, who is DiCaprio's stuntmen. Tarantino manages to disperse the Golden Age of Hollywood onto the viewers. We are smoothly traversed through a visually-appealing Hollywood of the '60s.

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With a great ensemble cast, the film achieves its idea of portraying a story with an alternate and happy ending. Surely, this film is not for people who want some excellent thriller, action, adventure genre-specialists. Margot Robbie acts as Sharon Tate, who herself was a legendary actress. The film's upcoming horror is rectified by a cinematic ending. The film features famous criminal Charles Manson and his Family, who in reality end up doing worse things. Hopefully, the movie rather than dragging that storyline focuses on the character development of lead characters.

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is fantastically woven-story threading about how some actors and film-crew members go about their lives. It also deals with their problems, mental-issues, and obstacles. This movie is a definite watch for people who love some standard and character performances and cinematography.

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