Mirzapur - Gore, Violence, and Family.

Back in 2018, when Amazon Prime was just procuring masses to its customer base, Mirzapur came. Being a genuine gangster based series, the series is one of the finest Indian crime based drama. So, today at Life is a Chance, we'll be looking at an entertainment article on Mirzapur.

Warning: Not suggested for everybody, due to its usage of foul language and adult content.

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The story and background of the show are simple and dark. We are not traveling back to the cliche-crime base in Mumbai and don-stuff. Mirzapur stays true to its name and is mainly shot in the U.P. city of Mirzapur and Jaunpur. The drama series focuses majorly on the conflicts and issues that the family faces when an empire is striking down. The show premieres largely on the usage of foul language to an extreme end, where even simple dialogues and screenplay elements are filled with it. The premise of Mirzapur is the induction of Guddu and Bablu into the crime world of Akhandanand Tripathi.

Mirzapur wins heart due to its raw portrayal of the crimes in the U.P. You get the straight-out facts like non-reporting by police leading to lesser crime rate on records. You also get a dangerous crime boss, Akhanda who will stop at nothing to save his family. We also see the familiar political games the parties play to fool the public. You also get a strong antagonist Munna, who is a power-greedy son of Akhanda, waiting for nothing and overtly violent. We also see several women figures like Beena, Golu, Vasudha, and Sweety as the necessary women figures of Indian society. While everybody in the series wants revenge, character development and arcs are sufficient and to the point.

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Mirzapur has a stunning cast, superb cinematography showing great monuments and Havelis, and a fantastic storyline that keeps the audience gripping for more. Unlike Sacred Games, Mirzapur doesn't sidetrack or disappoint in the following season. Watch it if you're a big fan of gangster type films, and really want to critic the inner plays of all socio-political affairs.

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