Mindhunter - Thrilling, Brilliant, and Flawless

Mindhunter, a Netflix based crime drama series co-produced by David Fincher was a sure piece to watch and wait. This show encompasses both clarity and psychological study into the criminal behaviors and serial killers. Today at Life is a Chance, we're going for yet another entertainment article on Mindhunter.

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At the backdrop of the late '60s, the FBI recruits a brilliant cop Holden Ford to devise a psychological unit to understand and humanize the so-called notorious criminals and serial killers. He joins hands with Bill Tench, and progressively study criminal behavior and their understandings. Both of them move forward to Edmund Kemper for the first analysis. On further questioning, they were surprised by his quiet participation and willingness to help them. On the front, the show brings these tape-recording sessions with these vile wicked people, but it also puts forward deeper character arcs of the show leads and their personal lives. Holden Ford pushes his relationship with his girlfriend, Bill with his family life too. By the midway, we're introduced to Wendy Carr, a professional in profiling the people. Season 1 is a fun ride.

Season 2 just gets better due to the clear depiction of the Atlanta child murders. Mindhunter really digs, in that case, really making it seem so tough and tight. Also, the series provides interviews with the infamous Charles Manson, which didn't really make any point in the FBI diary. Both the seasons provide a recurring intro scene to another serial killer called the BTK Killer. But so far it's hidden in the shadows, but not quite explored. We hope that Season 3 could provide more clarity on that. From Ed Kemper, Wayne Williams, Richard Speck, Son of Sam, Charles Manson, Jerry Brudos, Montie Rissell, Paul Bateson, William Hance to William Jr., the show is so-filled with thriller and crime.

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Mindhunter achieves what many shows couldn't. It pulls off the serial killer interviews nicely in docu-style and also pushes us to the investigation process too. The viewers are put on the chair to judge the creeps and get the relevance of criminal behavior and its study. The series manages to keep interested and intrigue with its exceptional cinematography and camera work playing right into it. This is a surefire show for people who love thrillers and crime dramas.

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