Midsommar - Cult Horror Film with Subtlety

Updated: Mar 7

Midsommar, an Ari Aster directorial after his innovative "Hereditary" has got the taste and magic of storytelling again. It is the travel of psychological disorder of a woman through the weird cult culture lens of Sweden. Without any further ado, let us review this at Life is a Chance.

Watch it here.

Watch it here.

The story revolves around Dani, an anthropology student who recently lost her entire family to poisoning started off by her sister, killing her in the process too. This fatal incident leads her to find comfort in her boyfriend Christian. Christian who has a breakup planned, gets off with his group of friends and Dani to Sweden for a thesis study. Dani, initially reluctant enough gets to know about Christian's friend Pelle, who was Swedish. Their journey then starts in Sweden, specifically at Halsingland.

Throughout their stay, Dani and the friends experience weird and horrible rituals at the place. The cult people too were awkwardly too nuts, wearing some traditional white long frocks with Runic writings and all. After the ättestupa ceremony, some of the visitors try to run off. While Christian becomes too entangled with the cult and distances himself away from Dani. Dani gets involved with the members of the cult, all the while her psychological problems leading her subsequently become the cult's member, after the May Queen ceremony. The movie's last sequence of events especially in silent horror is an absolute terror. Florence Pugh as Dani shines throughout the film due to her impeccable performance.

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Director Ari Aster's almost soothing direction gives creeps with the details of horror and fear shadowed behind. The movie explores a disorder and trauma but completely levels that to a new level. The innate customs and weird rituals of the cult never missed out. They stood out on a realistic level, often gearing it up. The camera work and the amazing cinematography are excellent. The location, for instance, is perhaps the most important feature of this film. The set design with the costume too is definitely managed above excellence. Although the slow pace grows a little timid as we go on, the movie manages to subtly give the impression of horror.

Midsommar, is a cult-based film, with tiresome screentime but with great visuals and direction. This movie certainly focuses on the greater aspects of storytelling with more grappling elements of the genre. This movie is not prescribed to all, as it definitely enlivens the experience of the impending horror of a cult.

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