Mad World - Lonely and Dreamy Song

Mad World, a 1982 song by the band Tears for Fears is the topic of the musical review here. Today at Life is a Chance, we got another entertainment article on the hard-hitting song Mad World.

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On the surface, Mad World utilizes a sad background to tell a real tale(philosophy). The song performs the absolute absence of life by the narrator as he succumbs into an everlasting pit of darkness. Its deep piano chords beautifully attach the pain the lyrics carry on. Being renditioned quite a several times, it made its grand welcome in the movie Donnie Darko. The song also discusses a part of the loss of reality, carefully recreating an inescapable nightmare. The narrator compares his lonely unreal life, with children and their birthdays.

The movie Donnie Darko has a similar contrasting tale to atone for. The story features the thematic message of the song itself. The lyrics are which is both painful and quite realistic. Its deep respect for the dreams and the various visions painful that protrude into reality is quite perfect. The song's background places, where the narrator is alone and sad, quite aghast at the people's loss of affection. He is quite taken aback by their familiarity and absence.

The song was also featured in the hit CW teenage series Riverdale. Although, here at the larger part, the theme may resemble quite disconnected. But Riverdale artists do capture the soul of the rendition and make it once more respectable and superb. Its similarity to another hit song The Sounds of Silence is a great coincidence. The song winds up on a sad note, where the narrator is left alone while all the others madly enlarge an ever-great circle. This song is a true masterpiece.

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Music lovers and those who greatly adore the lyrics should definitely make a note to listen to this wonderful song. That being said, dont miss out on this one.

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