Life as we Take it.

Updated: Mar 6

There is a life, so beautiful and serene we often see in the cinematic experiences. Its mere subtlety in showing how life is smoothly pacing is a massive imaginative idea one can project to. We all come across life, as it is an undeniably great ride filled with surprises and some happy and mellow dramas. Generally, we go the idea of living life as per the ordained instructions of the people we love. By the time, we get to make a decision, we question the natural instinct of why all these people are caring and making sacrifices?

To put it simply, we often wonder where were out good times? And the answer to that is hidden just like Paulo Coelho makes us understand in his outstanding book "The Alchemist". The people whom we love desperately try to make our life jollier and sober. On the contrary, we all feel at some time, that everything has a problem. We wait for a solution to be given straight out by God or by some divine intervention. Ultimately, when challenges appear like this, and when the loved ones couldn't help you, then wake up happens.

You figure out the challenge is rigid and tight, and is pulling your guts apart. Life puts a riddle right into you, and you struggle just like once you struggled to get into a bicycle. But you still try, and you get hurt and let the pain succumb to you for some time. But time tells a different story for all of us, and why we should believe in the magic of time. A momentary pain makes you feel about the loss of you at that moment. That pain caused by this riddle will get you up eventually. The pain which you held is disappearing after some time and it heals. We learn the art of letting Time and Life taking control and making things right.

We feel relaxed, and happy for a little time. Then we switch ourselves into the normal mode, appreciating, and criticizing things. We look upon the world, pass through by them, and forget the pain. "The road was great, but there was a bumper too tall to cross." When there was a decision to be made after that, we come to ourselves and ask the question, not the loved ones.

We lose the love and affection we grew with because we solved our first riddle. Life and Time observe and prepare another challenge for you in an inappropriate interval of your life. This time, the road is not clear, and there are lots of bumpers to jump by. You feel the need for help, the cry of utmost neediness. But this time, you don't take the road alone, but you go back to where you made the first riddle solved and observe the calm album of your loved ones. There's a tear of joy in you making things in motion, manning you to feel the road, and make it alone.

You introspect and think about how you pushed people apart when Life gave you a solution. You understand the real sense of the universe and its challenges and pursuits. Wondering across the beach, you wait for the sun to bid a farewell. There appear some people at that beach to ask you a solution to their riddle, and you solve it. They in return favors to help you out, and we get the solution to the riddle we thought we couldn't do. This made you realize the prominence of the loved ones and how the Universe sends an angel or spirit to help. Life and Time teach you a part of what love is, why it is challenging, and why it fades away as nothing happened.

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But in the end, when you see the last sunset of your life, you see and reminisce those challenges, riddles, and the loved ones Life gives you in exchange for Time. You happily fade away just like your loved ones as a memory, gently drifting apart. The loss of your departure causes another cycle in the one who loved you and it continues. The Life we know continues, and the Time never stops.

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