Les Miserables - Musical Emotional Drama

Les Miserables(2012) is a musical film presenting the life of Jean Valjean against the backdrop of the French Revolution. The entire movie is shot in a musical sense, establishing a new entertaining look at a great ensemble cast. Today at Life is a Chance, we're gonna review Les Miserables.

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The tone of this movie is a slow emotionally bonded drama, which doesn't take the pace. Meanwhile, the movie is essentially shown in a musical way to tell the story. The movie boasts of a supreme cast consisting of Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathway, Eddie, etc. The plot centers on convict 24601, Jean Valjean. His short parole and the merciful love he gets receive the transformation that he never sought. Jean Valjean disguises himself as another to escape the law and assumes a new personality. He thereby in the years later become the mayor and a businessman.

The movie is concise in some places, and too much drag often. Jean Valjean protects Fantine's child Cosette from Thenardier Inn. He also is on a run from Inspector Javert and constantly pushes himself to save the child. We also glance at the young Marius, a revolutionary who participates in the barricade fight. He falls in love with Cosette, and Jean Valjean knowing this tries to save him. The movie ends successfully on a very happy note. It transcends that soothing peaceful string into your hearts.

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Les Miserables is a fantastic adaptation of Victor Hugo's novel of the same. It departs sometimes in presenting things as its own, but transfers the love and vibe it provides. With beautiful cinematography that showers upon the French towns and villages, the movie is exceptional in that terms. The screenplay largely musical is also compelling at times, and too frustrating. Anne Hathaway doesn't disappoint and wins over the whole cast in her portrayal. It's a serious movie with little to no-nonsense, but emotions and colors traveling.

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