La La Land - Colorful, Musical, and Romantic

Updated: Jan 19

La La Land(2016) was a movie starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. It's a successful representation of the dying jazz industry and the career choices one had to make are impactful. Today at Life is a Chance, we're gonna put down another entertainment article; a review on this film.

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Part of what makes La La Land is its extensive use of musical background and powerful performance by the lead actors. On the surface, the movie tends to focus on a simple love story between a jazz musician and an aspirational actress. But the director puts a lot of after drama between the two, which certainly freshens the touch of the movie. The movie introduces the duo, Mia and Sebastian, in a fashionable old style. After their bitter first encounter, they again meet at a jazz club. This is where Sebastian is fired for improvising the piano piece.

After two-three crashes, the duo starts their new relationship with their goals as a common passion. Sebastian strives to make his own jazz club while Mia tries her hand at auditioning for movies. Both of them have no clear success in the beginning, and this is where the break comes. Sebastian performs for a fusion band by his friend Keith. Mia props her hand at writing one-woman plays. Meanwhile seeing the clear dislike Sebastian shows for his new gig, Mia advises him to leave that and go for his passion. This leads them to break-up. Both of them find success but at the cost of their relationship.

The film ends on a sad note, but it pushes for a deeper message. It inspires us to go for our passion in spite of the several setbacks. It clears the confusion of whether we have to leave back some of our loved ones for it. La La Land makes a point of love and romance that can still live over career and passion. The perspective of the film draws a firm line of what love really means. The movie wins one thing very specifically and that is the background score. The theme song of Mia and Sebastian is a definite listen for music-goers. Along with the beautiful composition and score, we have awesome cinematography. The dance item of both featuring a violet background amidst the sunset is eye-catching.

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Overall, La La Land is a movie filled with lots of love, music, and cinematic shots. The movie is a strong reminder of love and passion, with its adorable cast and direction. It's a must-watch for all romantic sweethearts out there.

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