Joji - Greed, Family, and Drama

Joji(2021) is the third directorial venture from Dileesh Pothen after his two critically and nationally acclaimed films. The film revolves around the inner workings of a family, and how each of the members subtly tries to get their ground up due to the circumstances. Today at Life is a Chance, we're gonna review Joji, a modern-day Macbeth adaptation.

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The movie essentially focuses on Joji, the youngest son of PK Kuttapan. PK Kuttapan, the patriarch of the family still has iron-fist rule over his sons. His eldest son Jomon is a divorcee who had involved himself in alcoholism. The second son Jaison is high on debts and manages the business well not to the expectations of the father. The last one is Joji, who is a sloth barely trying to do anything with his life. Jomon's son Poppy also lives with them. Within the family, everyone tries to behold the position of the patriarch.

PK Kuttapan contacts a stroke, which starts off a chain of turmoil within the family. The people begin to slowly plot the fall of the father to get their inheritance. Although Jomon and Jaison are unknown to this plan, Joji and Bincy(Jaison's wife) carry forward it. PK Kuttapan who was recovering dies much to everyone's dismay. Following this Joji starts to shift his desire to acquire his father's inheritance wholly. Pure in Macbeth's version of greed and slow degrading of character, Joji also follows the same path. The movie distinctly sets apart the tone by integrating different regional factors playing into it.

Joji utterly explains the depth of character exploitation. Joji, once a lazy and forgotten youth is suddenly and gradually imbibed into the swirling path of greed overnight. He succeeds in his initial attempts, and so do his confidence and pride stoops. His strong conviction to be morally corrupt to achieve what he feels is right is an interesting look into the human psyche. Here the script plays a lower role, screenplay is the main thing. The direction keeps steadiness to show what the movie wants. Dileesh Pothen doesn't overarch the dialogues, instead focuses on the personality problems one might adapt when the unthinkable crosses his/her mind.

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Besides that point, Joji also subtly attacks the patriarchy and women suppression in the families. The movie is a sharp attack on one's vulnerability exploited by a bunch of simple and complex people. Fahad Faasil excels in his portrayal of Joji, as wasted youth. Macbeth, a play that still inspires and adapts is an everlasting piece of art and literature.

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