How to stay motivated through High School (Focussing Introverts)

Updated: Aug 13, 2020


In this COVID-19 lockdown, our homes, which we call "School" are closed. So I thought that most of the students who are in Highschool right now need someone who can tell them the right things or can show them the reality of high school, which should be from a verified person!

So here I'm Anant or AV who's going to share with you some of my high school journey points which mainly focuses on students who are introverts or the type of students who use to speak very less in class and the typical problems they might face and how they can be motivated and can win over others !!

1. You're an introvert

Yes, You know that you're an introvert but the person in front of you might not know this and he/she is gonna make fun of you or will tease you for this habit !! First of all this cruel mentality has been passed from generation to generation, that is "People usually judge others on the bases of their outward appearance/behavior" SO DON'T FOCUS ON SUCH PEOPLE, Take these types of people as a piece of entertainment for your brain. But the problem comes when you ignore them than they do a lot for the same.

They will make fun of you because you have fewer friends and you talk less. But my friend, I would like to tell you that such people who are proud of having great bonding among their friends are the only ones who have haters in their own friend circle. It is well said that Money, Girlfriend, and friend NEVER LAST FOR LONG, so don't be like them. You should focus on your high school because, in the end, it's your result who will be with you forever.

2. Fix a Goal

You will see that most of the people on social media writes that "High school is all about making friends and creating memories with them" but I want to tell you that this is the biggest lie that has existed in the universe which has and had destroyed dreams of most of the students who could have been a scholar. The day you enter your high school, you make a vision that "I want to score 90+ and I'll try my best to score it and I can sacrifice anything for this." Now some students will stop talking to their own friends to achieve 90+. What's the first thing that came in your brain??

"Yeah this thing is wrong" but I'll tell it's too good to be alone !! It might sound crazy to you but it's the reality. You just can't even dream that leaving or maintaining a distance from your own friends can make you more mentally focussed !! I've tried it and I want you to try it. See when you'll try it then most of the people will hate you for this but I just want to remind you that you have to be odd among the evens !! You can also participate in co-curricular activities, which will even make you more focused, now most of the people think that things like this destroy your concentration, but I would like to tell you that it's better to score 92% and have lots of trophies of co-curricular at home rather than scoring 99% and being recognized by no one in school! Have a Brain-like if you scored 92% then your remaining 8% was utilized in Co-curricular activities which means you're a 100% developed child now !!

3. It's over

After you've completed your high school and you've got 90+ you will feel that it was the best investment of your life !! And you'll feel proud of yourself and will have sufficient confidence for higher studies. You will see those who use to say that high school is all about memories that will be saluting you in the end !!

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You've now become a lonely lion, not a herd of sheep !!

And yeah, in the end, you've learned the most important lesson only in your highschool, which is the most important for your college and that is "INTROVERTANCE".

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