Hostel Daze - A Teenage Review

Updated: Oct 2, 2020


Hostel Daze is an honest portrayal of hostel life, culture, friendships, and different episodes of college. Featured in Amazon Prime, Hostel Daze is a web series presented by TVF. The youth around the country had a huge buzzing for this one, due to its art of presenting in down-to-approach. The cast is in sync with age, rather than Netflix teenagers with buffed-up chests and muscles.

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If you're familiar with the YouTube videos of FilterCopy, ScoopWhoop, TSP, then the actors in this series are completely tuned in for your flavor. The series sidelines some issues like the initial getting along, frustrations and all. But the series is fun-ride of all taste-buds of a friendly getaway. Kavitha Aunty got real traffic from this series. So let's go for the review.



The plot majorly focuses on the lives of college students who come up from their hurdled school life, which may or may not be followed by a year for coaching. We come across the lives of three people of different backgrounds coming under the same tag of juniors. Jaat and Chirag are all new to their college and were assigned, roomies. They come across the seniors and get a feel of what was coming for them. The ragging intro with over, they get over to the room. By the time they adjust, a third-person Ankit knocks over their room. The dilemma over the room-sharing mocks, and the trio has a word with the warden. Ankit is allotted a room with Jhantoo, a 4-year repeated person who is a "senior". Chirag and Jaat get back their room. Ankit is baffled at the "neatness" of Jhantoo's room and asks for a change and instead gets adjusted with Chirag and Jaat's room.

The trio then gets the real ragging taste from seniors, who actually were improvising and had no idea of whatsoever. They were assigned the roleplay of the wedding night and its wonderful funny scene. After the ragging, they get adjusted to the hostel culture of abusive calling, and mundane activities. Ankit and Chirag then race for fame, by registering for clubs. Jhantoo, their senior does good guidance for them this way. Jaat easily makes it to the sports clubs. Ankit struggles to get into any and is left alone for a while. At this moment, some prominent hackers of the college find out about 'cooldude69', who distributes free porn with timestamps of the best moments and rare ones actually. Ankit who hides this fact is approached suddenly by seniors and appalls him by making him D.O.P.A.

After this designation, Ankit gets some respect. He also crushes at a girl from the lab, Akaansha. As his romance ushers up, we see Ankit really blowing over at this, with the whole hostel mates purposely making a spoof out of that. Ankit believes everything and in the end, realizes his joker role. With all done, Ankit gets over Akaansha and she actually gives her number. Ankit, then after this gets to know about GPL and the birthday problem in college. He knowingly changes his birthday date, to get away from beatings, treat, and stuff. He celebrates the birthday with two people, not from the hostel. The hostel mates were worried about Ankit and even planned a surprise party albeit to find out that he secretly was celebrating without them. After finding that, they do their traditional GPL-thing with him. After this, we get a quick transition to the end semester time where everybody is frustrated except Ankit and Jhantoo. But with Chirag gone, they find their fears alive and approach photostat center, toppers, even professors, and the ultimate "Quora" and get nothing. Jaat proposes a solution by giving them an answer sheet, assuming the question paper repeated every year. They all end up writing the answers without bothering them about questions. After the exam, they find out that the professor had in fact changed the question paper, and we are left in an exclamation mark about their results.



Ankit is the protagonist of the series. He is a shy, hideous, overthinking, and funny guy. His initial adjustments to the hostel life are relatable for any junior and are worth seeing. The struggles that he faces to get proven, identified in society is an issue faced by teenagers today. Getting honor due to his porn selections and mastery in that, we find a silly mirror of ourselves in him. His awkwardness around the crush, and the show-off when a chance beats up are all memorable. Cheers to Adarsh Gourav for successfully presenting this character to the utmost contentment for the viewers.


Chirag is the fatso, brilliant, caring, and a scared one of the trio. He is shown as the one, who has a problem adjusting with seniors with comic liners. But Chirag ultimately cares for everyone, especially about Ankit. His photographic memory is often a recollection to the Sherlock series. He presents the typical topper genius guy, who is softy of the professors and all and manages to shoot a lecture video by persuasion. Chirag uses these skills to build a Wiki Lectures for the absentee students. Chirag is a giver, rather than being selfish and LUV gets credit for this acting.


The only carefree, not-so-good in English, sportsman, and the jolly guy is Jaat. He hails from Haryana and comes up with a particular accent, often cracking one-liners with full esteem. Jaat got his seat on the PWD quota and struggles in the academics. Chirag helps him, only things get worse during the end semester. Jaat was the guy who proposed the idea of the copying off answer sheets of last years' question paper. Jaat is a strong person with an athletic body, ready for a fight anytime. He cared for Ankit in his own way, by providing the fund idea for a party, and helping with answer sheets and is a real gem of the show.


This show would be nothing without Jhantoo. Jhantoo is the guy who gets failing four times all the while being an actual junior and a vague "senior". He is the advisor of the group, the all-knowing man. But Jhantoo gets under the control of the Hacker guys. Nikhil Vijay acts out Jhantoo relentlessly. His character is an absolute joy with weird sex thoughts, comic one-liners, swagger, and a great asshole. He fakes Akaansha's relationship with Ankit, participates in the beating event of each of the birthday parties, never leaves a junior without ragging, and is the 'cleanest' person in the room. Hats off to this character.


This web-series at its core discusses the shift from school to college, and the adaptability of young people. It deals with friendship, new romantic flings, unforgettable incidents, identity-crisis, and all. Hostel Daze is fresh, never boring, and is not trying hard to put out some fantasy into your head. Its biggest win is the presentation and the cast. Some issues like ragging which is normalized in govt. colleges are shown under true light. But ragging being a vice, should not promote upon this web-series arrival by people forcefully. Ragging and bullying juniors for fun should not be taken to a whole new level, and this wrong message shouldn't be ingested in the viewers. The series also brings out issues of loneliness, identity-problems, and feelings of being left out. Also with these issues, the series provides a solution in the typical scientific way.

The setting is a normal IIT, NIT, or a govt. college. The intro episode features the rankings obtained by different characters that show the premise of the location. The background score is also good, with the promo song of "I'm on my way"(not the Alan Walker one). The theme of the web-series is hugely set on the college culture and the environment surrounding it.

Warning: Mature content, requires 18+ age.