Drishyam 2 - Lengthy Thriller with a good Finish

The second part of the Drishyam franchise, Drishyam 2, is a crime-drama that reaches out to the viewer in many different ways. The movie's plot is unusual and makes you think about the consequences of your actions. The story revolves around the lives of the protagonist, Georgekutty, and his family. The movie ends with a good finish that will leave the audience satisfied. So, let us review the movie Drishyam 2 at Life is a Chance.

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The movie starts off where it was left, with a great in-depth detailed lifestyle change in Georgekutty's family. The movie clearly wants to fool you into the surroundings and the settings. It marks the definition of suspense as the story progresses very slowly with no improvement on the narrative till the first half. Frankly saying, there's no first half per se. It's all in your eyes, as the movie itself has the name Drishyam(Vision).

Drishyam 2 boasts of some great visuals, and pacing structure. Mohanlal again single-handedly carries the movie into the right place, with a great performance. The comic timings to varied emotions of nervous state and all are perfect. Murali Gopi appears as the police officer, who involves deeply in the unraveling of the case. The director promptly shares a punching different perspective, as this time around the film focuses more on the investigation onto the protagonist's games. Yet, the brilliance the film adapts to is out of scope. The second half clearly exaggerates and paces the story so nicely, that the viewers will simply appreciate the cleverness and approach taken by the director with the story.

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Drishyam 2 in reality hits the proper spot for positive. It would not disappoint with its exquisite climax and fashion. Even though we leave out the prequel's classic flair, the sequel lives up to exceed the expectations. Drishyam set a large cultural shift from the Bollywood masala to the Southern movies. The tone is about otherwise than the first one, but the director Jeethu Joseph does not deliver away the loopholes to be the main trouble. Rather, he crafts a smart story with the best actor who can convey that round conveniently. As much as we loved the cinematography, direction, and story, still the length of the movie specifically the primary half of may want to be reduced.

Effectively, Drishyam 2 is an achievement and could've been a blockbuster like its predecessor. The main narration is splendid, and the thrill of the classic is fresh too. Do not pass over it, and deliver it an eye.

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