Dil Bechara - A Teenage Review

Updated: Aug 13, 2020


Dil Bechara had its online release on the streaming platform Hotstar yesterday. Being a remake of much-acclaimed 2014 film "The Fault in our Stars", "Dil Bechara" actually captures the essentials of that melodramatic romance film into a wiggly Bollywood flair. Sushant Singh shines in this everlasting character and makes the headlines again. Dil Bechara has its actual high-five moments and low-key strings, and it manages to keep the audience relive a told story in a different approach.

Fox Star Studios were the production house, and the direction was handled by Mukesh Chhabra. The musical maestro A.R. Rahman is the soundtrack and score of the film. The movie also introduces Sanjana Sanghi, a supporting actress in recent commercial films, to the female lead role. The film discusses the life of two cancer patients rediscovering their goals and living in the moment.


The plot directly sets off from a death anniversary meet at a church cemetery. We see Kizie Basu, the heroine, and the narrator, attending and sharing those little sorrows with other people gathered. We get a boring life, as narrated by Kizie for a few screentime. Kizie suffers from thyroid cancer and has always tried to be normal about it, but she couldn't. We often hear her saying about the ordinary and simple life she so wanted, in spite of the disease, she had her faith in good. We also come to learn about her family origins, which roots in Bengal. Kizie does blogging to take off the bored, mundane lifestyle she had. Her best friend was Pushpinder, the oxygen cylinder she always carried who was always with her.

Kizie on her way to college meets a weird guy who was butting out in a classic Bollywood item style. Kizie was wondering about the thing, and he instantly irritates her with his goofy behavior. He introduces himself as Immanuel Rajkumar Junior (Manny) to her. We get the usual dance thing in Bollywood filled with all the lights of fireworks of the world. After this little meet, Manny tries to woo her in a sneaky way every time and everywhere she appears. He also goes for cancer patients support group, to know more and get close with Kizie.

After the support group meeting, Manny asks Kizie to go for a ride to his favorite place. The instant sympathy Kizie shows is the result of Manny's condition of osteosarcoma, and how he lost his leg. Followed by this, Kizie visits a nearby Lake with Manny and sees a beautiful view. She begins to fall for him slowly from that scene. She loves that view until Manny begins to babble jokes over and over. Kizie, after a long time, felt relief in her boring life and loved how arrogant and irritating Manny was. She really got mad at him for disapproving of her music taste - a deep one for Abhimanyu Veer, whose song really mesmerized her.

Again filled with enthusiasm, Manny and his blind friend JP, taunts Kizie at a funeral service in the church. Manny makes it absolutely bizarre and funny for all of three when he screams "And I've never had sex" loudly. This prompts them to leave the mess they just did. Followed by that, we have the breakup of JP with his girlfriend, consoled by Kizie and Manny by throwing eggs over her balcony as a retaliation. JP aims to make a film, with Manny and Kizie as the leads and shoots for that. Manny, a big fan of Rajnikanth decides to bring his hero's style into the movie, while Kizie plays the innocent cute girl.

Abhimanyu Veer makes a return by replying to Manny's email allowing them to meet the artist. Kizie gets very excited about this, the only part is that Abhimanyu is in Paris, which requires her to go in that severe condition. Kizie's condition gets severe just before their Paris trip, but she still goes with Manny and her mom. Manny and Kizie get romantic and have fun around different parts of Paris. She meets Abhimanyu, and appreciates his music and interrogates its missing end. This crooks up Abhimanyu, who furiously behaves in an unnecessarily funny way. After holding up for long, Manny and Kizie leave him in sorrow. This leaves Kizie pitiful, while Manny tries to cheer her up. Manny does a PET scan and finds out about the seriousness of his condition.

Suddenly the movie shifts to Manny's condition getting out of hand day-by-day. Still, Manny keeps his heart in place and fights. He gets the support and love of Kizie, and they both start to feel the pain they're gonna face. Manny wants a funeral speech from both Kizie and JP for his funeral service. He listens to the speech made by both of them and saddened by his state he drowns at that moment sinking in that emotion. He eventually dies, leaving behind great memories for Kizie and everybody he met. The final scene transients into the finished film of JP being shown publicly, reminding Kizie of Manny and those memories. Manny also completes the unfinished song of Abhimanyu, before his death and keeps his promise to Kizie and the screen fades out.



Immanuel Rajkumar Junior is the winner here for being enthusiastic, zealous, and flirtatious with everyone. Sushant Singh Rajput pulls out this character with his shy smile and quirky talks. Manny doesn't wipe off Augustus of "The Fault in our Stars", he's a refined version for the Indian audience. Manny is funny, always has a punchline for every turnoff from Kizie. But Manny gradually makes Kizie's life better and greater. He finishes Kizie's dream of meeting Abhimanyu and finishing the song for her. While watching, you get a feel of 90's Shah Rukh Khan with playboy boyish charms. Manny like Sushant deserved better, but as he said in the movie, "Birth and Death can't be decided, but we can definitely make it by living the moment in between this."


Kizie Basu played by Sanjana Sanghi, is the avoidant, high-dreaming, passionate girl. Kizie wants to be normal, get out of the rut, and make a difference to her boring life. Followed by mundane life, she gets a surprise visitor into her life and that was Manny. Manny begins to lighten up Kizie's introversion and make a change. Kizie is high-spirited regarding her aims and mission and achieves that by Manny. Her character is one of the strong points of the film, and she humbly makes out a bumpy ride with Manny and lives. All over again, Kizie Basu doesn't remind you of Hazel from the original one, you'll definitely love her closed-up introversion and its cuteness.

Other main characters like JP, Manny's best friend was a central supporting character. His friendship was a real one, who didn't leave him at the end time. Dr. Basu, the cancer doctor is another character who gave hopes of relief. The last two characters being Mr. and Mrs. Basu, a Bengali couple, is beautiful and wonderful. We can see the daily struggles, love, and care the parents have for Kizie and tensions and worries they invisibly face to keep their daughter alive. The surprise character Abhimanyu Veer played by Saif Ali Khan was sure eye-catch, but his character remains so silently awful and doesn't make an impact.


The story takes place in Jamshedpur city, with Manny and Kizie from different backgrounds. Kizie comes from Zambia, Africa but brought up by Bengali parents. Manny's supposed details from his Rajinikanth vibe implies the Tamil Nadu family. The story is again talking about the living in the present, feel-good picture. But the movie strongly held its romantic potion and wins over the audience die to the style of adapting. Love, Friendship, Family, and Optimism are the main background the movie discusses. Manny and Kizie shine just like Augustus and Hazel from the original, giving you the Indian flair to the top. The cinematography is also great, with visuals that looked little damp under the lens. The score and music is just awesome as A.R. Rahman makes fore-way here. "Dil Bechara" successfully does justice to the audience and the characters. The Jamshedpur City, its colleges, the nature at its serenity, and the Paris city also adds vibrant colors to the film and is magical.

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