Death of Democracy.

Democracy is the most favorable and kinda friendly form of government we all are familiar with. Its modest history and genuine culture proved for its relative success and familiarity with the common public. In recent times, signs and omens are rising up which necessarily means the death of real democracy. So today at Life is a Chance, let us talk about Democracy.

Democracy is a people's form of government, majorly focussing on that. The basic idea is the accountability that this government is responsible to the public. But in the present world, Democracy has blurred its main definition to something which could go utterly crazy and unbalanced. Today, democracy has evolved out to be a deep web of lies intricately designed to hold the truth. It has wired the people into a non-accountable notion. The leading democratic governments of the world are not facing any major issue specifically other than its genuine problems.

Democracy now has become a tool and game of the modern internet age. It has transformed its basic roots to more capitalist foundational institutes. Campaigns are on social media now, support-garnering, and cultural diversion are all happening on the online surface right now. The infant democracy has now entered the adult world of humans, where it's being molded into something absurd and critical. We see election campaigns showing the importance of voting only for the cause of advertising. We see politicians with extensive social media marketing teams to harbor the netizens. The internet age has brought a new way of socialising, which requires no familiarity system. You could easily be swayed if your thoughts are in line with the speaker.

Let us briefly look at the largest democracy of the world that being India. India has got a good record in elections and voting. But the system nowadays have shifted away from the base problem. After elections, do the governments have any credible service orientation to the public which elected them? The answer to this question is rigged, and complicated. For the past decade, the shift of democracy to sort of favored political agenda for majority has risen. In India's case, the majority votes are enough to give a significant shape to the government. Now that leaves the minorities' concerns unrealised or unimportant. The recent Rajya Sabha incident is surety of how Parliament aura is disturbed and anything is suppressed by the Opposition. The iron-handed rule of majority has made it possible to pass or do anything much like an autocratic rule.

With the privatisation of many public services India face a remarkable question of their priority. The elected politicians sell on the public services and paint a normal highly sophisticated idea onto the internet world. Thanks to Reliance Industries for their Jio Services, more the 60% population is directly facing the Internet world. The growing internet population and the social media tactics to separate and divide the society has been victorious. Politicians like Donald Trump, Narendra Modi have strong social media presence, which ensures their connection with the public.

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The disturbing fact is how common public non-awareness in this matter. The majority is brainwashed or divisive due to their favored opinions on the stage. The Opposition or another point of view is often criticised or taken poorly. We are fighting a war of democracy and its accountability. Dissent, protests, and oppositions are suppressed. The check system of the fundamentals of any government is being completed compromised. Politicians are losing the moral code, and is taking this deadly experiment for what? Its not the question of what or why but how far this will go?

Our society, world and government faces the most drastic battle of democracy's ruin. It is our choice, whether we let the people in power bury it or rejuvenate it.

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