Clueless - Catchy, Teeny and, still clueless

Clueless(1995) is a popular fan-favorite high-school teenage drama set in the 90's lifestyle. It stars Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd in the lead. Today at Life is a Chance, we're gonna review Clueless.

Clueless is a simple lookout on the teenage craze, school drama, friendships, and the cultural shift the time brought. It focuses particularly on a rich popular high-school girl Cher and her workings with different people of her life. This high-school drama is validly featuring the thematic setting of Beverly Hills and the teenage remedies of dope life.

The comedy and fourth-wall-breaking timings of the lead actors are commendable in this movie. Cher's life is turned upside down when a newbie Tai enters the high-school arena. Her first selfless desire to help her is the entire setting and plot on which the movie progresses. The classic novel Emma had sort of the same idea behind it, and that is why Clueless captures the viewers at the first glance. However, the climax is still clueless to me.

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What began as a series of drastic changes in Cher's outfits, lifestyle and personality ultimately put her into the position of befriending and then loving her step-brother. That sudden tone changes into romance and instantly clicking the message of not knowing unbeknownst is highly doubtful. From the cinematography angle to the direction, the film standardizes the color of a fashionista's teenage life. It is an honest dig at feel-good movies and worth of your time. So, do give it a watch.

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