Catch Me If You Can -A Teenage Review

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Catch Me If You Can(2002) film was a great directorial flick by Steven Speilberg. It features a good cast of Leonardo Di Caprio, and Tom Hanks playing the friendly Tom & Jerry game. Today at Life is a Chance, let us dig into its movie review.

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The movie essentially features the life story of Frank Abagnale Jr. Steven Speilberg defines his whole story with complete justifications, the family troubles, and the tense choices he had to make. Di Caprio is so committed to this role and definitely fits in. The movie is a con-artist exploration and is complete of Frank's amazing disguises. He tries his hands at the Pan Am, and then to a doctor, and to a Lawyer. The movie sets the tone for Di Caprio's character and his situation. The problem comes not for conning people, it hits when the fraudster business is happening.

Tom Hanks as Carl Hanratty is phenomenal. He is the clear depiction of an honest FBI agent, making his ideal work out. Carl also gets conned by Frank, during their first interaction. Carl never gives up but sympathizes with Frank. Carl moves a step further by helping Frank shortening his sentence by helping the FBI. The movie pretty much is a biopic of a famous fraudster, who landed some lucrative jobs. There is no essence in cinematography and camera-work. Steven Speilberg gives definition and emotion to the characters rather than the setting.

Warning: Advised for a mature age-group of 18+, not for children.

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Catch Me If You Can, is a great fun-ride of comic conning, and emotions. We get the best of the performances of two great actors. So never miss this one.

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