Bangalore Days - Family, Love, and Friendships

Bangalore Days(2014), is an Anjali Menon directorial flick, is the story of three cousins inter-linked through their dreams and visions of living life. Malayalam films have gone over the style, and phase of movie-making and this one is a genuine and authentic one. So, let us review at Life is a Chance, another movie enjoyed by young teenagers and life.

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The premise of Bangalore Days is a grand family, where cousins and other family members are deeply involved within life. We're introduced to three main characters Krishnan P.P.(Nivin Pauly), Kunju(Nazriya Nizam), and Aju(Dulquer Salaman). Each of different entirely on a personal level wrt to their social and mental skills are always together because of the bond of family. The direction gives space and time for the characters to really settle in. The audience will never get tired as the bond and on-screen chemistry the actors have shown are just awesome.

The movie progresses nicely till the marriage of Kunju to Shivadas(Fahad Faasil). The wedding ceremony calls off all of them together once more and they celebrate. After marriage, they move over to Bangalore, this calls in for their dreams. Krishnan who was already a software engineer in Bangalore was seldom the fun the movie needed. His innocent chubbiness and comic sense led him to date an air hostess Meenakshi. Meanwhile, Aju tries to get his position in a local bikers gang, and subsequently onto the racing championships. He meets a paraplegic girl Sarah and falls in love with her. Also, the relationship between Kinju and Shivadas deteriorates. All these events through different have some or other impact on the storyline.

Bangalore Days doesn't try to make a cliche heroic movie, instead gives equal and apt focus to the main characters and sticks to them. It doesn't suffer from any lag or drag, with an awesome music score to suffice that. The direction coupled with some superb shots from Bangalore really adds to the cinematography this movie provides. There are so many pivotal scenes and songs that are key to its brilliant execution. Director Anjali Menon succeeds in completely providing an everlasting classic, which will be celebrated for years. The performances to the close-up shots and screenplay all justify the experience it provides.

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Bangalore Days is your go-to-film to remove boredom, experience something so melodramatic and happy, that it is completely flawless. Despite the movie having all the young actors, who were just starting out at that period, the movie did relatively better and will always remain great. Therefore, don't miss it.

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