Why Assassin's Creed II is still gold?

Updated: Mar 6

A rare blend of cinematic action and flair is present when you decide to go for Ubisoft's most famous gaming franchise Assassin's Creed. The gaming franchise had its fair stages of ups and downs, but it still remains a remarkable feat in the gaming minds. Today in this episode, we're gotta explore one amazing game Assassin's Creed II.


Assassin Creed II or normally among fans known as AC2, was a big hit right when it hit the mainstream audience in 2009. Ubisoft who had unexpected success from the first game in the series had put a god effort after 2007 to make it onto the game. Now lets dig into it, AC2 catches right where it left. This time the game explores the Renaissance Rome and its splendor. We are introduced to the main character Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Ezio's life-changing event which being his father and brothers death begins this revenge based drama. Once the Ezio gets to hear about the betrayal his father's accomplice whom he trusted he gets into one piece. The revenge story starts from there and gradually he gets to know that Rodrigo Borgia was the master behind the plan.

The interesting part is the number of conspirators behind Ezio's father's death. The secret both the parties held was still a cloud for Ezio. He was unable to understand the secret and its consequences as he was young. Ezio only wanted revenge, not safeguard the Creed's principles. Throughout the game, the character undergoes development of personality as he understands and grasps the notion of the Assassin life. The fan-favorite "Hidden Blade" comes in real handy in many situations. Besides the assassination of different conspirators, the character can also get side missions, upgrade his weapons, climb various viewpoints, perform "Leap of Faith" and do assassination contracts. The gameplay mechanism is slightly too turbid if you like to dance your fingers. But the storyline and the means to do different things are just awesome.



Ezio Auditore is the main protagonist of the game. He is a young charming Italian noble-class fellow with a cheerful and "fight-for-it" attitude. In his ascendance, he is impatient and yet clear on his mission. His character arc and the adaptability he presents are excellent. Given the situation he was in the story's early period, Ezio had great difficulty in accepting the revenge he wanted. In the early stage, Ezio was only focused on saving his mother and sister. Once he safely evacuates them to Montergionni, his uncle Mario appears and acts as his guardian and teacher to first step towards an Assassin. Soon after that, Ezio prepares to end each of the conspirators one by one using the allies he made by the way.


His greatest friend was the Italian Renaissance figure, Leonardo da Vinci. Ezio made several weapons upgrade possible due to Vinci's brilliance. In many of his missions, Ezio makes possible help out of Vinci's mind like the flying machine, gunshot upgrade, hidden blade upgrade, and decoding the codex pages. Leonardo was a fan-favorite character and received his respective role in the sequel too.


Paola is another character who helped Ezio in his early mission. She owned a brothel and taught him to blend with the public, steal relevant things, and made his Uberto mission successful. She made Ezio what he was in the great beginning.


Uncle Mario made Ezio an assassin and took him to another level. He provided a safe place in his villa, ordered him to decode the codex pages, and asked him to assassinate the Pazzi. Ezio learned duel and sword-fighting from him and made him stronger.


Antonio is another assassin who makes a late appearance in game-story. He provides him with an elaborate plan, thieves, and accessories to carry out his several assassinations in Venezia. Ezio really grew his skills in the Venezian time-period.


Bartolomeo d'Alviano provided Ezio a great opportunity and a great ally. Ezio made possible his mission due to his mercenary group and restored the army capital to Bartolomeo who provided great support in the Brotherhood game.


La Volpe, an assassin helped Ezio put the Pazzi and his plans out of the form in Firenze. He was much of acquaintance and provided Ezio with the resources and details, but was a significant part of the Brotherhood.