American Psycho - Bloody, Brutal, and Critical

Christian Bale, the great Batman from the Nolan films in his early days made true ambiance and projection of performance and acting. Today at Life is a Chance, we discuss one of the most critically discussed films American Psycho.

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Warning: Contains graphic violence and disturbing adult pictures. Advised for 18+ individuals only.

American Psycho is a truly violent and disturbing piece of cinema to ever have came out. The movie centers around the conception of narcissistic, vain, blood-thirsty young individual Patrick Bateman and his several issues. His supposed extreme desire for control, power through many of his disturbing things are proclaimed in the movie. Much like Bruce Wayne or Batman, Patrick leads a dual life. He is an arrogant usual Wall Street stockbroker clicking out with his other materialistic friends and fiancee. But as the night comes by his lust for blood, and complete psycho mode clicks off. Director Mary Harron discusses one important issue of toxic masculinity evidently in this film.

Christian Bale is fantastic in this role, with little to no flaws. Willem Dafoe also makes timely appearances to confuse and tremor off Patrick. Patrick's blood lust starts when he kills off Paul Allen(Jared Leto) at his apartment with a mirrored axe. Patrick's vain pride, and narcissism, and obtuse psychopathy evades him to commit more crimes including the homeless, prostitutes, and his colleagues. The film adapted an original novel by the same name uses graphic violence to point out fatal problems narcissism and vanity have to rose to. Patrick's complete inhumanness to other lives gets an unbalanced weight when he confesses to a dozen killings to his lawyer Crane. This is where the film holds the viewers on the roof, as Crane tells Patrick that Paul Allen was last seen by him in London.

American Psycho discusses a much-disturbed individual's personality disorder in a violent yet critical way. The director herself a woman, projects the society's complete invisible lens to the crimes against females. The movie protrudes this protagonist's image as a mentally ill person, who seriously needs some psychiatry help. Still, much of the things actually happen in his mind, the ending quote defines the entire movie. Patrick Bateman believes that his punishment is simply not there, and breaks down to find that his confession has really meant nothing.

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American Psycho is not a cup of tea for everyone. It's really violent in its approach, but also endearing for the acclaimed performance put up by Bale. A female director discusses topics like the toxicity of narcissism, vanity, materialism, gender inequality in a complete U-turn way. It's highly advised to watch it only if you appreciate a good performance and perspective story.