American Hustle - Conmen, Family and Romance

American Hustle is the story of Abscam with the use of little-to-less fictional characters inspired by real ones. A cool FBI roundup with Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Addams, and Jennifer Lawrence is a never-ending entertainment mission. So, today at Life is a Chance, we're gonna review American Hustle.

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The main setup is the cast of the movie. American Hustle boasts of an ensemble cast that doesn't disappoint. David Russel's direction is much better done when the cast is perfect at that. Christian Bale addresses his body change with such ease. Bradley Cooper brings that dynamic range of performance as a funny ambitious FBI agent. The story pretty much revolves around the infamous Abscam, quite popular one time.

American Hustle proves a fun-ride even when the story has got nothing new to offer. The cinematography is pretty bland, with little to less significance. On to the top, the entire thing of this movie is marketed on its cast. Christian Bale as Irving Rosenfield is both a pretentious con-artist and also a deeply loving man. Through a brief cameo, Robert de Niro also makes his presence alive and fascinating.

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American Hustle performs better with the performance and camera. Certainly, it does lack that skill of notching off a perfect ride of con-artist like Catch Me If You Can. But given the time and casting, one can't ask for something better and that's why we love this. It's a one-time watch movie and is a nice time-reliever.

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