American Graffiti - Teenage Urban Life

American Graffiti, a directorial venture by George Lucas explores the lives of high-school graduated students who make a plan to leave for their different dreams. It is a coming-of-age film dedicated to the urban city life of the late '60s. Today at Life is a Chance, we're gonna review the movie American Graffiti.

The movie is a toned majorly to the late teens and youth who make their way for college. With different individuals the idea of making progress differs. This movie by Lucas explores much more than that. He tries to define the reasons and the memories which deal with a big party in them. High-school friends Steve, Curt, Terry, and John meet at a local hub, a restaurant.

All of the four friends' lives are intermingling and jumping from one to another with frames. Steve tries to console his girlfriend, Curt thinks about his position to leave or not. Terry goes on a terrific night with a Debbie, and John reluctantly drives a much younger girl Carol. Their respective point of conflict and meetings are adjusted at a focal point. The director manages to paint the 60's normal high-school night, with some retro colors and vintage cars.

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American Graffiti remains a culturally and critically acclaimed movie due to its keen attention and loose screenplay on American life. Goerge Lucas successfully pulls off a wonderful feel-good movie about the youngsters and keeps the flow with it. Harrison Ford, yet another talent hidden in the movie briefly appears before skipping into the Star Wars franchise.

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