Agar Tum Sath Ho - An Emotional Masterpiece

Updated: Mar 6


'Agar Tum Sath Ho' is the classic heartbreaking song composed by the maestro A.R. Rahman. This song premiered on the film 'Tamasha', a 2015 cinema that was not a box-office hit. Still, the score, soundtrack, and the simple plain feeling of the song are worth mentioning. Alka Yagnik and Arijit Singh are the singers of this breakthrough song. So let us explore the song for this reason.


The lyrics of this song are absolutely amazing. It gives you goosebumps when you first listen to this. Irshad Kamil deserves limelight for his notable lyrics. The song touches human emotions, oozing you to remind you of someone you miss so brutally. The fun-fact is that even if you're single, the song elaborates a soulful emptiness, that void so unspeakable that it hurts. The lyrics soothe you with its vivid scenes of human attraction, loss of someone, the beauty of eyes, the need for someone to just hug, and to feel and reminisce the moment.


A.R. Rahman proves his mastery of music by this wonderful piece of art. There is the piano intro, which beautifully integrates into the soul of the person. After the piano note, and rumbling binaural effect it making on both sides of the stereo gives a deep live effect. The song starts with Alka Yagnik presenting the moments of the song. Her voice rhythmically travels along with the song, with the music continuously providing the much necessary background for the emotion. We feel Tara's long for love and relationship, and Ved's Borderline Personality Disorder makes a magnificent duo on the screen. The tension of love present and subtle moments of pure affection is present when you see Deepika's character Tara having the realization with Ranbir's character Ved. Tara's reluctance to go, and the emotional pain she goes through to leave Ved and to fall out of love for him.

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The song also has a flute addon which pleasantly lifts the mood gives the much-needed romantic detached feeling. You feel the drowning of oneself into his emotions as Ved dives into the void. Arijit Singh's chorus part hits your nerve down whacking. The interesting thing, when you listen to Arijit's vocals is that the notes have been singing in two pitches simultaneously. There are a higher-pitched voice and a baser version of Arijit Singh superimposing at the moment. This is another musical brilliance of A.R. Rahman. The whole idea of music is complex but interpreted through the use of simple usage of piano, flute, strings, and bass which picks the rhythm fantastically. It's a complete masterpiece.


Simplicity always wins the game. Agar Tum Sath Ho, despite being a Hindi song elegantly transitions into an all-time beautiful love song. Any music-lover would appreciate the completeness, and simplicity maintained throughout the musical piece. The song wins hearts and tears, with its soothing background score, and portrayal of love in a drowning way. Ved and Tara did get together in the end, but the necessary break provided the best heartbreaking song the Bollywood industry has produced. A.R. Rahman proves his skill and fashion again with Imitiaz Ali's beautiful scene direction. Agar Tum Sath Ho magically mends your heart, brings back the much-needed soul and taste, capturing the essence of music and love.

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