21 Jump Street - Funny, Teenage and High

21 Jump Street, a modern comedy movie featuring teenage guys into their early cop duties and busting the drug trade. It stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in the lead. Today at Life is a Chance, we're gonna review 21 Jump Street.

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Frankly, this is a fun ride, but not in the most hilarious style. Jonah Hill's story and Channing Tatum's lead character is the driving force of the film. The movie explores nothing actually and instead is a comic busting of the high-school drug trade. Jonah Hill's character Schmidt and Channing Tatum Jenko became best pals after sorting out their differences in the Police Academy. As always their first case kinda pulls off by stupidity, so to have a rematch they are sent to the high school over 21 Jump Street.

21 Jump Street works on the usual formula of high school popular guy jack off. Absolute trash in the story, but guess where this movie succeeds. It's the characters like Brie Larson and O'Shea Jackson who do some memorable performances. The High-school themed movies have been on a run, with humor content tamed for the teenage and young people. But the story is quick and responsible enough. There's no drag, and it completes its main story with a minimal surprise and laugh.

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There's no way this could be a great comedy, but it still gets many things right for typical teenage fun. With some stupid parties, drugs, and hangover stuff, 21 Jump Street tries to ring for a catchphrase for itself. It's more like Superbad(2007), but much more with a story. Johnny Depp also had a cameo role, with his early TV show of the same name. Watch this one with no great expectations, it's nothing like Hangover Series, but an unmemorable stupid teenage ridiculous film.

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