1917 - Message to the Borderlines

Sam Mendes's 1917 is an energetic war film to get an emotional touch and the necessary love of battle heroes. It stars an ensemble cast with brief cameos and two leads. Today at Life is a Chance, we're gonna do a review about 1917.

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1917 is a rescue mission from a trap set by the Germans during World War I. Two young corporals are approached by their General to make their way out into Devons' Infantry. The movie clearly sets the tone of the movie in the starting sequence, with the rush and the time-bound journey they've got ahead. However, Tom Blake and Will Schofield make their best for saving their people.

On the way, Tom suffers a stab from a wounded German soldier. This slowly kills him, prompting Schofield to sent the message alone. Schofield faces many surprises letting him meet a French woman and a child, a sniper and jumps off a waterfall. He successfully makes the last wave of the Devons' Infantry. Schofield's message saves them, even though Col. Mackenzie was disagreeing. Schofield also meets Tom's brother there and informs him of his brother's death passing him the rings and the tag.

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The successful making of the long shots and the amazing camera work it has got is one prominent feature of this film. Sam Mendes tells a simple story through his great direction, with a jumpy, still soulful soundtrack accompanying it. War movies have come and gone, but 1917 tries to not just stay that. It performs better to explore the characters and their personal space. This also parallelly runs with the main storyline, making a crazy superb film. If you're a war genre lover, then surely this is your movie. Thriller lovers too can get to it.

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